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Will Alcatraz be Canceled or Renewed?

March 22, 2012 divider image
By Jenny B.

Well the big question on everyones lips is: Will Alcatraz Be Renewed For A Second Season?

May 10, 2012: Alcatraz Has been Cancelled

We’re a few days away from the Alcatraz season finale, and unfortunately a lot of signs point to Alcatraz being canceled.

The most telling point is the ratings, and not just because they’ve dropped dramatically. The show started off with 10.05 million viewers and has seen a dramatic drop. Here’s a ratings listing by episode # as they aired:

  1. 10.05
  2. 10.05
  3. 9.03
  4. 8.44
  5. 6.91
  6. 6.24
  7. 5.98
  8. 5.82
  9. 5.47
  10. 5.07
  11. 5.04

As you can see – the ratings just keep dropping week after week. House as the lead-in hasn’t helped in any way. Even worse is Episodes 8-9 on that list. That was a double header episode and that meant that after one episode ended, 0.16 million viewers tuned out rather than watch the second episode.

Not good.

So – what will stop Alcatraz from being canceled? The only thing that I believe they are riding on is huge finale numbers. If Alcatraz can claw its way back into the 6 million viewers range, they may just be able to squeeze a second season out of Fox. With two back to back episodes and a lot of the questions being answered, we may just see a lot of people tune in.

Many people already think the writing is on the wall – I mean it’s Fox; they cancel EVERYTHING! But they don’t! Look at a TV show like Fringe. Granted it started off very strong with season 1 ratings in the 9-12 million mark, but it plummeted drastically after that. Season 2 dropped down to about 6 million,Season 3 went to 3 million, Season 4 is dipping into the 2.8 million range, yet that show is still going on.

Alcatraz also had something goung for it at the end of February, when it had its largest three day increase of 56%. The Live+3 ratings are always a large part of deciding whether or not a show will be canceled or not.

In all honesty, I fully believe the decision on whether Alcatraz will be canceled or not will rely heavily on the season finale ratings. Everyone I know watched the season premire of Alcatraz. Yet many of them have not kept up to date with the show – it’s been sitting there in “DVR Hell”.

A large part of this I believe is that people have been concerned all along whether or not Alcatraz will be renewed or cancelled. Why devote your time to a show only for it to be canceled, and have so many questions unanswered? Flashforward fans know what I mean!

I think the only hope Alcatraz has of being renewed as opposed to canceled, is if they pop a BIG Season Finale rating. That’ll show that people are curious about the show, and want their questions answered.

So please – tell everyone you can to watch Alcatraz this Monday night.

This is the only hope we have!

  • Tauruscanuck

    Is there a petition where we can sign so we can send it to FOX? Also, everyone, please tell everyone you know to watch the season finale. 

    • Anonymous

      No petitions that I know of – but honestly they never work anyway.  Did you ever see how many people wanted Flashforward to be renewed?  The main FB group had over 500k people, there was a petition with over 50,000 sigs.  

      Unfortunately the only numbers the companies care about is the ratings. :(

      • Devlin Buchanan

        Fans got Jericho a second season, so it has worked in the past. But this show isn’t worth campaigning over. I like it, but the plot holes are big enough to have been made the Chunnel, and there is NO character development. Example…why don’t the guys they have caught ever talk to each other??? They all locked up right down in the “basement” together, yet there is never so much as a whispered conversation in the night.

  • Briscofan

    Nice write up Jenny.  In my opinion, the show suffers mostly from not having a story future that people want to see more than anything else.  In other words, there is no emotional core that any Fox exec could bank on to bring more people back and build an audience.   These characters do not connect with the audience, we know nothing about them or what motivates them and (with the exception of a weak friendship between Doc and Rebecca) they don’t seem to really care about each other.  Surprising since the creative team is ex-Lost, they have forgotten that the fundamental reason people invest in a show week after week is not the mystery or mythology, it is from character driven stories. They need to concentrate on  making serious progress in character development in the remaining two episodes, not solving the mysteries or reveals.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Briscofan :)  And yeah, I completely get where you’re coming from.  It’s weird because at times they’ve tried a little character development – ie: Soto and his whole being kidnapped thing. But then after two episodes of a few hints(“I haven’t driven since…” “I know, I know, since you were 11 years old”) they completely dropped it.  It’s very weird.

      I think a large part of it is just time constraints.  They want to focus more on short-term character development of the prisoners, and aren’t finding the time to devote to development of the current characters.  It really drove me nuts that Hauser, the man of secrets, while standing on a land mine, couldn’t give Rebecca anything.  If we the viewer knew why he wasn’t saying anything that’d be different – but instead it just felt like a cheap ploy to keep the mystery going.

      Agreed with you – they need a mindblowing two hours of season finale that develops the characters to the point that we are begging for more, and gets people talking.  

      • Briscofan

        That’s a great point I hadn’ t thought about with the land mine.  What a great story telling opportunity that would have been!  That said, I do think the most recent episode was going in the right direction where we got to see more of Hauser’s connection to Lucy through their backstory.  Perhaps moreover, they need some more consistent uplifting themes (eg hope, love, redemption) to counterbalance some pretty dark themes and behaviors that the show displays weekly.

        • tvfreak

          Cancel the show. It’s dumb.

          • Blob

            you’re  dumb

          • andy bernard

            your dumb!
            and how about you go watch the office or 30 rock or
            some crap show like that?
            huh the office is what deserves to be cancelled!

      • Paxton Petty

        so you didnt like it cause you actually had to use your brains?
        wow what a dumbass.

  • Fspiertos

    I love watching alcatraz, and the lead detective is a fox!

  • Annoyedfan

    Personally, as much as I love the mystery of the show it needs to be cancelled. Alcatraz, at its best is merely a mystery driven procedural with weak leads and dull plots. Detective Matson is utterly unconvincing in her role as the plucky detective, Doc is utterly boring to watch and doesn’t really seem to have any purpose in the show besides being famous for being on Lost. Hauser, while enigmatic is rather menacing still fails to be much of an interesting character. At this point, it’s even safe to say that the convicts themselves are much more intriguing and likable than most of the leads save Dr. Banerjee who last time I checked in still in a coma. Sadly, at this point there’s very little keeping interested in this show no matter how hard I try. 

    • The Muzz

      why are you annoyed? If you don’t like it change to a different channel and watch “Dancing with the Stars”….. stupid show.

    • Ade Manford

      Please stick to x factor or big brother”………

    • im highly suicidal

      your just too fucking stupid to understand it.
      now go stand in front of a train please.

  • The Muzz

    I work Monday-Thursday evenings and I buy the episodes through iTunes so that I can watch over and over….. Intriguing. Will really be a shame if they cancel it. What, have they found about 10-11 of the 63? With San-Gupta it’s 11-12. They still have lots of prisoners to find…. Sam Neill is great. Is Fox owned by Murdock’s bunch? If so, that bunch has no heart and only sees $$$$. So I figure if the numbers don’t go up on the finale, Fox will cancel. What a shame.

  • AJ

    Sorry, but I agree that it should be cancelled. It had a lot of potential and I was excited to see where it would go, but it just hasn’t developed into anything worthwhile. Because there’s been nearly no character development, I could care less what happens to the main characters, which means very little incentive to watch the show or care what happens. The most interesting storyline at this point is Doc and the medical examiner. Sure, the lead detective is sort of cute, but either they haven’t written her character well or she’s not delivering it. Add to that the fact that the themes on the show are really dark with lots of scenes of cruelty and torture in the prison and, so far, very little to show where any of it’s going. People need a little a redemption or, at least, thought-provoking analysis to compensate for being brought so low. Thirdly, it’s just kind of hokey.

    I’m sorry to those of you who want it to continue, but I think it’s really best for all of us if it’s cancelled. I just don’t like to think of anyone having to suffer through another episode of barely tolerable acting and writing just to see if they drop another clue to the mystery.

    • alcatraz’s scariest ghost

      shut the hell up.

  • Ian33324flanders

    this show is great live tera nova i hope they both get renewed

  • Ian33324flanders

    please renew alcatraz, tera nova and ringer all great shows

  • lanam

     I think Rebecca’s grandfather in all of this is what should be answered (just in case)…its the “blood” they took from him, there is something IN his blood that makes him special…The show needs to concentrate on why Rebecca’s grandfather killed her partner (well i don’t know if he knew at the time it was his grand-daughter’s partner), but it would be interesting to find out..I really like the cast, esp Neil, Nagra, Garcia and Jones (ppl complain about her but I like her, she’s doing a good job) – Sam Neil has been a fave of mine since Jurassic Park and a few other movies b4 that. The 2 hour finale really has to UP the game so we can get a 2nd season. I am an adamant JJ Abram’s fan – I’ve watched almost everything he’s involved in – he’s a freaking genius
    and I will always watch anything he produces, writes and/or directs….Damn I hope FOX believes in JJ as much as I do!! Give it another season bc there is SO much the writers could do w/this show, the potential is there — PLEASE PPL WATCH THE 2 HOUR FINALE- I REALLY THINK THAT FOX IS DEPENDING ON THE VIEWERS ESP TONIGHT!

  • m8o

    Fox, Please please please don’t relegate Hurley to cancellation hell again.

    First off … Time Travel?!  … and the complete lack of addressing that aspect of the story is horrible story telling.

    Then, an episode many many back had mentioned “a Visitant” in reference to the Warden’s door, and never got back to it until the door was uncovered this past double-header.  Interesting choice of words if you know the meaning, and pointed at the possibility of a very interesting story line.  But nothing. 

    Enough with the “filler” and let’s get on w/that story!  I think the loss of 3 – 4 million viewers between those two times is proof enough I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    • Anonymous

      I think they filmed most of the episodes if not all before the show even aired.  So unfortunately they were unable to really react to the ratings collapse.  Although they did get to tell the story the way they wanted to do it – whether that’s good or bad, many will differ on(and 5 million think its bad :) )

  • Kelly in OZ

    I live in Australia and we are at the mercy of the American viewers it would seem! I really enjoy Alcatraz and watch it streamed online at the same time as ya’ll. It’s a shame that TV shows (such as LOST and Fringe) could and can continue yet a show that a lot of people watch worldwide could be cancelled! Have a heart for us, the international viewers! DON’T CANCEL ALCATRAZ!

  • Nicole_doiron_20

    i loved the season finale i just wish they would not kill rebecca off

  • Dynotime

    Do NOT bring this show Back any time in the next 100 years.

    • alcatraz fan

      shut up shut up.
      how about you go back 100 years?
      cause we sure as hell dont need your stupid ass around.
      go watch family guy if you dont like it then.

  • Dude

    Seems like a typical JJ Abrams storyline; Character development is very slow and the background story takes a long time to develop. Like “Lost”, I’m starting to lose interest for these reasons. I agree with Annoyedfan but think the show should return granted they spend more time quickly developing the aforementioned. If season two does not perform, then it’s time to move on.

  • Rtburkie

    Bottom Line is those who not like investigative work will not like this show..with all the clues they give each episode is unreal. This TV series needs to continue!!!! I guess more americans want more reality shows than mind benders. The list can go on forever of the TV series still playing that have no reason to be still airing. I bet the same folks that want this TV series cancelled are the same ones that do not like “AWAKE” or “Touch”…..Americans get your head out of simplicity and challange your brain!!

  • Katie-in-da-house

    I liked the pilot. Enjoyed the next 2 episodes. Then got bored. The story line was the same every week:- bad guy comes back from the past – does something bad – gets caught and returned to his cell in Alcatraz by a blonde investigator and comic writer. It lacks sophistication, intelligence and depth. Shame really – the base idea was great – but the weekly shows didn’t follow through. 

  • Fdsfsd

    cancel this shit and invest in community at NBC =D

    • SmithWoman

      I really have enjoyed Alcatraz; it’s premised and story line is unique and I get tired of all the reality shows. PLEASE don’t cancel it, bring back again and give it a chance to catch on a little more!

    • I chopped my own fingers off.

      go back to family guy the cleveland show or american dad then

  • Sfackler

    This finally something different from all the reality TV shows! It’s either reality TV or CSI type of cop shows. Monday night is one of those rare nights my family and I watch current television instead of leaving the TV off due to most of the shows on demonstrate a lack of imagination. If Alcatraz is canceled I guess the television stays of all week.

  • Macwarren

    i really enjoy this program, i like the flashbacks and the storylines i hope they don’t cancel it, but by the looks of the views and the ratings people are giving it i dont think it will be renewed fingers crossed:)

  • Jmlove116

    My husband and I watch it ritually every time it came on we had our popcorn and snacks waiting to see what happens. I like this show and would like it to continue on.

  • Danny in the UK

    The problem is people stop watching programs like this due to shows constantly being cancelled, some of the best shows I’ve watched recently have all been canned, Stargate, Heroes, Ordinary Family, Knight Rider, what is the point in a view getting into a program only to see it cancelled after a season or two. shows need to understand that there are hundreds of channels out there and viewing figures are massively diluted, you are always going to get big opening figures as everyone sees what all the fuss is about, then you get the core fans, until the rumblings of cancellation starts and those then start pulling out, whats the point of viewers committing to a show if they are going to pull the plug (catch 22 I’m afraid) give it 5 years and all we will be left with is the dross “reality shows” which the majority of viewers are braindead.

  • Peterp9266

    this is gr8 show, absolutely fantastic, keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert-and-Michelle

    My wife and I really hope Fox doesn’t cancel this show. From the pilot we have been hooked. For those who say the characters are not “relatable” to the audience, you seriousely need to watch with more intellect !!!  This show has a great cast, a good plot, great writing, storyline, and production. It far outdoes the mindless “reality” shows that dominate the air-waves on all channels… 

    Please Fox, you cancelled Arrested Development, which was a great show with fantastic writers, and now Alacatraz? Please don’t cancel Alcatraz !!!

  • guest

    Completely love Alcatraz!!!! I would be very sad if they cancelled it!!!

  • Fivish

    We don’t want character development, we want a story. One with a beginning a middle and definitely an end! The lack of ending in so many ‘mystery’ shows it the big turn off.
    The writers think we love the cliff-hangers. No we don’t. Just get on with the story. That’s not too much to ask is it?

  • alcatrazcrazylover

    please dont cancel alcatraz is the best program i have ever seen, you cant let me withouth knowing whats going to happen next … alcatraz is the best show you guys have ever made i wish that the 1 season continues, you left us with many questions and we need answers …

  • Bigmama11kidz

    i really like the show. i don’t understand why they don’t at least wait for the second of third season before they want to cancel something. i like the cast and the storyline is  good also. but i guess if there is not enough sex and other things like some of the other shows they want to cancel it. but i hope they give it a chance.

  • Ecorrigall

    I was very dissapointed to read/hear that people think the show got, shall we say redundant… That’s like saying CSI is redundant, etc. etc. While yes there was always capturing an inmate… it was different… It was different inmates, different arrests, and more secret views of history from the rock that kind of preludes to the future, leaving you guessing and wanting to know what’s next. Also while all this was going on there was a story plot between the main characters that continued through – it didn’t repeat… so no, this show did not become redundant, and cancelling this show is a HUGE mistake. 

  • Billy

    I live in scotland and i’m hooked on this show as are a lot of others i know.
    Please dont cancel it as i need to see all the 63 caught and a final ending.
    I’m only up to episode 10 so far as ep11 on tuesday nite. Cancelling alcatraz
    Would be a travesty. Get a grip FOX an think aboot us lot on the other side o
    The pond as well.

  • Si and family

    I loved to watch the show Alcatraz and other family members hope that they  also hope that the show will be renewed!  We Loved the show!  FOX I hope that you start showing  it again!  I thought that it was a geat show!

  • AB

    In my country(India)….this show is not shown….I still watch it online….I really liked the concept….but it’s really unfortunate if it gets cancelled…..I hope the season 2 starts

  • Tpies

    This show needs to be brought back… by somebody if not Fox!!

  • Bianca Pryce

    Me and my mum are HOOKED on this programme and really hope that FOX do NOT cancel this programme as will be realllllllyyyyy angry ! So what if the viewings dropped ? It’s not fair on us viewers who LOVE the programme to suffer with not knowing !!! So we really hope that Alcatraz returns for series 2 !! If not there will be millions of unhappy people :( !

  • lindsey

    it mybe that some people have tougth things they watch at the same time i kwon i have not watch it every week but i do like it a lot and hope to watch it all when it’s repated and for a secend season

  • steven-and-clare-uk

    even at 5 million viewers its still better than most of the crap put on tv with alot less viewers!! how can a programme like alcatraz end a season like that and not do a second season obviously people at fox are thick as shit

    Steven Shropshire UK

  • alcatraz biggest fan

    hi iam fom india we can not get alcatraz shown in india but it  is great show how can fox cancels it.please any other american tv channel should show it. i want to see what happen to all 63 prisoners and 256 guards who took them

  • Theginbotham

    I hope the show wontbe cancelled, I thought it was really good. Please dont cancel it. Tessa. Norwich

  • Happyfeet1971

    Please don’t. Cancel alcatraz as. Its been the best show I’ve ever watched

  • Ade Manford

    We love it…… Alcatraz should stay go for it fox give it another go people are interested in season 2 ……..

  • Darrenkesley83

    me and my girlfriend wotched alcatraz for the 1st time and it was awsome good cast good story. when are u gonna put the second series on. please please dont cancel the show.

  • Cjboo

    Unfortunately as time goes on more and more shows are going to be cancelled like this. Until they start accounting for the other various ways of watching tv series then live ratings will never represent the actual viewing audience or fan base. With how fast everyone mores around nowadays not many people have time to sit down and watch a tv show on the particular time and date its aired not when its more convenient to just google the shows and watch them when you want … Shame realy  

  • kit nelson

    I want to send everyone at FOX to alcatraz and send them into the darkness
    of the dungeons!
    let them starve to death slowly that would be neat!

  • k-lynn in va

    Will miss it was looking for season opener….pooh another potentially great show gone along with “the event” … Left hanging for eternity

  • GREG


  • Nick Mele

    will not watch anymore first seasons

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